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Why to Get Fillings by Year’s End

September 28, 2023

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A 3D illustration of dental fillings

If your dentist suggested fillings at your last checkup, you may be tempted to put off care. Another treatment can sound needless if you aren’t in pain or don’t see the point. Truthfully, though, delaying the procedure isn’t a good idea. In fact, you should get fillings by the end of the year. Doing so is good for your health and saves you money. To learn more, here’s a summary of the matter from your local Buffalo Grove dentist.

Why Would You Need Fillings?

If you don’t already know, dental fillings restore the function of damaged teeth. They’re typically made from composite resin materials.

Put simply, a filling “fills in” for decayed tooth material removed from your mouth. It’s thus the preferred treatment for cavities and tooth decay in general. Of course, you could also get one to restore a cracked or broken tooth. A filling’s material can also address dental wear from teeth grinding.

Remember: cavities don’t heal on their own. On the contrary, they worsen when left untreated. You thus shouldn’t put off a filling treatment for too long. Otherwise, your oral issue could get so bad that you’ll need a pricey root canal or tooth extraction instead.

Insurance Lets You Save on Fillings

Fortunately, getting dental fillings doesn’t have to “break the bank.” You can rely on dental insurance to cover much of their cost.

Generally, dental plans view fillings as a restorative service. That means the treatment is considered “medically necessary” in most cases. So, the average policy will often cover 70-80% of a filling’s price. (Assuming, of course, that you’ve met your deductible.)

To be sure, various factors impact fillings’ cost. The exact estimate for your procedure will depend on your oral needs, insurance details, etc. Still, the fact remains that a good dental plan makes fillings cost-effective.

Your Dental Benefits Won’t “Roll Over”

All that said, insurance won’t help with fillings if you delay treatment past December 31st. Once the new year starts, your plan essentially resets.

You see, unused dental benefits don’t “roll over” from year to year. You’ll have to (once again) pay your deductible from January 1st onwards. To that extent, putting off fillings too much will make them more expensive. You won’t get to maximize your dental benefits when paying for care.

Given the health and financial perks, get fillings by the end of the year. Both your smile and your wallet will thank you for doing so!

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