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Your Cigna Dentist in Buffalo Grove

A happy familyIf you have Cigna dental insurance, you are in luck because Dr. Natalya is in network with Cigna. This makes it easier to get the dental care you need from an exceptional Cigna dentist in Buffalo Grove.

What Does it Mean to be In-Network?

A happy man visiting the dentistWhen you work with an in-network provider, it gives you the opportunity to receive the highest amount of benefit your plan allows, and this also includes savings on many services. Your plan may also include a higher yearly maximum or lower deductible when you choose an in-network dentist. Working with a provider in your Cigna network gives you the most flexibility and maximum benefit.

Your Plan is Unique

Dentist and patient shaking handsEvery dental plan is unique, even if you are within the Cigna network. This means that we will need to research your plan to determine your specific coverage, maximum, and deductible. We can, however, give you a basic overview of how dental insurance works.

Your plan will have a yearly maximum, which is the highest amount your insurance will pay for dental services each year. This amount typically falls in the range of $1000 to $2000.

Your plan could have a yearly deductible, which is an out-of-pocket amount that has to be paid before treatment such as a filling or dental crown can be completed. A deductible usually falls in the range of $50 to $100.

Your plan might also have a waiting period, which is an amount of time that has to pass before more complex procedures such as root canal therapy can be done.

Major treatment such as crowns or bridges are usually covered at a percentage and coverage is higher when you choose an in-network dentist. Most plans don’t include coverage for cosmetic procedures, and dental implants may or may not be covered on your plan.

The Importance of Preventive Care

Smiling mother and daughterIf you have Cigna insurance, you should be visiting Dr. Natalya every six months for cleanings and checkups. When you work with an in-network provider, your two preventive appointments are usually covered in full, which means that you have no out-of-pocket cost for these visits.

Your preventive appointments are very important because they allow Dr. Natalya to detect any dental issues early on such as gum disease or tooth decay, which gives you the choice to utilize less complex procedures to restore your teeth and oral health.

For example, if tooth decay is detected early on, it can easily be treated with a less invasive dental filling. If decay is left untreated, it will progress, cause further damage to your tooth, and could end up reaching your nerve. If this happens, root canal therapy and a dental crown are needed to restore your tooth.

We can Help You Decipher Your Insurance

Because every dental plan is different, we understand that they can be difficult to understand. That’s why our friendly and knowledgeable team at Countryside Dental is here to help! We will  research your benefits so we can explain to you the unique details about your plan and coverage and help you maximize your benefits.

Give your dentist in Buffalo Grove a call today to learn more about your Cigna insurance plan.