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Dental Insurance: The Time to Use It is Now!

October 7, 2019

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Dental insurance paperDid you know that each year, millions of Americans miss out on over 100 billion in dental insurance benefits? If you have dental insurance, there’s a strong possibility that you’re missing out on hundreds of dollars in benefits annually. Are you ready to put a stop to this? Learn about the best ways to maximize your dental insurance from a family dentist in Buffalo Grove.


How Long Do Dental Crowns in Buffalo Grove Last? A Dentist Answers

September 20, 2019

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attractive young woman blonde hairEven if you’re missing only one tooth, it can hinder your life considerably. That’s because it can cause issues with chewing, it can lead to the surrounding teeth shifting, and it can create a smile flaw. A simple remedy is the placement of a dental crown, which provides a way to regain the missing functionality and to improve your smile aesthetics. Once placed, how long do dental crowns in Buffalo Grove last? A local dentist lends some expertise so you can move forward with having your smile and lifestyle fully restored!


Want a Brighter Smile? Get Professional Whitening Instead of Store-Bought

August 21, 2019

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woman with white smile

Looking in the mirror seems to always bring you down these days. You can’t help but notice the yellow stains on your teeth. You’ve tried whitening toothpaste and kits from the drugstore, but nothing seems to work. The one thing you haven’t tried yet is professional teeth whitening in Buffalo Grove. Your cosmetic dentist offers both at-home and in-office treatments to give you the dazzling smile you deserve. Keep reading below to find out more.


6 Signs You Might Need a Root Canal in Buffalo Grove

July 18, 2019

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diagram of a root canal

Is one of your teeth in serious pain that just doesn’t seem to go away no matter what you do? This might be a sign that you need a root canal. Although a root canal may sound scary, it can help solve a lot of problems in your tooth. Let’s look at 6 signs that you might need a root canal in Buffalo Grove.


How Gum Disease in Buffalo Grove Can Affect Your Overall Health

June 14, 2019

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Dentist treating patient According to a recent Harvard University study, people with gum disease have two-to-three times the risk of suffering a severe cardiovascular event. Researchers have also discovered that your heart is not the only body part threatened by gum disease. While you’re busy planning healthy diets, exercising regularly and trying to keep your stress levels low, you may be overlooking a strong oral hygiene routine, which is just as important for a healthy body. In this post, you’ll learn how to keep your entire body happy and healthy.


5 Traits of the Best Family Dentist in Buffalo Grove

May 25, 2019

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family smiles

Maybe you just moved to the area. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past. Maybe you’re dissatisfied with your previous dentist. Regardless of the reason, you’re looking to find a new dental care provider for you and your family. This is no quick, easy feat—choosing a long-term dentist can be a big decision to make. What are some things to look for in a family dentist in Buffalo Grove? how do you know that you’ve found your new dental home? Keep reading to learn five important characteristics to watch out for in a dental office. (more…)

Dentist in Buffalo Grove Discusses Oral Cancer

April 22, 2019

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Woman having a dental examination. Oral cancer. It may be one type of cancer that we don’t hear much about, but did you know that it’s responsible for one death every hour in America? Worse yet, these numbers have not improved over the years since oral cancer is typically not detected until its more advanced stages. This is why consistent visits to your dentist are so important because they can detect oral cancer in its earliest stages, which makes for a better prognosis. Here’s what your dentist in Buffalo Grove would like you to know about oral cancer.


How Dental Crowns in Buffalo Grove Can Save Your Tooth!

March 11, 2019

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Smiling man in the dental chair. A fractured or cracked tooth may not seem like a big deal – at first. If it’s not causing you discomfort, you may not even realize that your tooth is cracked. However, without treatment, that crack or fracture will get bigger. It also may allow bacteria to reach the nerve of your tooth, which will result in pain that will get your attention because now your tooth is infected! Dental crowns in Buffalo Grove may be one way to save your tooth, and they might’ve been able to help you avoid infection. Here’s what you should know.


Celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month with Your Pediatric Dentist in Buffalo Grove

February 17, 2019

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children smiling confetti

February is a special month. Not only is it the time when we celebrate love but it is also when we can spread awareness of risks to children’s health. It’s National Children’s Dental Health Month! Now is the perfect time to evaluate how well we are teaching our children to maintain their adorable smiles. Does your child brush and floss every day? Do you take them to your pediatric dentist in Buffalo Grove every six months for checkups and cleanings? Maybe you need to improve a couple of things. February is the perfect time to start! (more…)

Dentist in Buffalo Grove Reveals the Psychology Behind Smiling

January 13, 2019

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A woman with a beautiful smile. Did you know that smiling more could actually reduce your stress level? Studies have shown that smiling releases the chemical dopamine into the brain, which is responsible for producing feelings of happiness. Even a forced smile may help you get through stressful situations and adding laughter to the mix has proven to be even more powerful. Being able to laugh with others has been shown to help people withstand pain. But what if you don’t feel confident about your smile? Your Dentist in Buffalo Grove can help!


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